Боевая механика стиля

Military Meditation

The article is written by Master Yang T. Fred 9 D. Sinma Hapkido as a primary-level student allowance.

Most often, students ask the question, "Why should I meditate?" Students usually think that meditation will take time from studying and skilling technician art. The pupil doesn't understand that, no matter how hard he's gonna do physical work, if the concentration and focus of the pupil is not maximum, then he's doing nothing. There's an old Eastern saying, "What the brain thinks, the body does it. People eat to heal and feed the body. Three times a day to eat to feed the body is a routine case, but we often forget to feed and bleed the brain. Think of meditation as a brain food.

Sinmu Hapkido ' s practice offers many different physical equipment, such as leg strikes (and high and low), seizures, scatters of opponents, various equipment with different types of weapons, not only increasing the physical aspects of the opt for martial arts, but with additional practice of meditation techniques, the learner also develops mental aspects. A student of martial arts, who develops physically and ignores mental aspects, develops only half of himself as an artist of war. It follows that development and mental and physical elements lead to the full and complete development of the student.

There are many different forms of medicine. Some of them belong to the Zen (sitting meditation), Thai chi (steering). Yoga, etc... they all aim at different aspects of their development. A pupil practising martial arts must practise medicine that will improve the development of martial arts. Some martial arts mix religious meditation with the equipment of this martial art. I consider the path of religion or religious media and the road of war art different, and the mixing of these two can be difficult.

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