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Шри Матаджи - музыка для медитацииIt is known that music can express or cause human emotions. However, many of our emotions reflect imbalances. Therefore, music is often unbalanced and empathizes and behaviours that either destroy us themselves (e.g. toast, fear, storms) or destroy other people (independence and aggression).

The Sahjah yoga meditation leads us to the center between these two poles ( left and right) and brings us into balance, into the central channel of our delicate system. In this central state of medicine, there is an enlightenment, true beauty, peace and lack of thought, and such balanced, clean, true emotions as joy and love. But when we are Listen to meditation. Music, we need to carefully choose this music so that she can guide us to the center, not to the right or left.

To bring us into a state of medicine, we need to get a self-realization first, i.e., to open a central channel with the Cundalini's energy. Then the music will help us to meditate, not direct our attention to the left or right.

Sahajah yoga is often chosen for meditation Classical Indian music♪ This music can be really understood through vibrations that we're starting to feel about getting self-realized.

Did you notice that some emotions can move instantly to the opposite? Fear ( left-hand emotion) is transformed into aggression (right emotion), hyperactivity is replaced by depression. In order to avoid such maids, the sahjah yoga sends their attention to the center through meditation. This enables Kundalini to climb the central channel (Susmna Nadi) and to pass through the Sahasrara with a state of enlightenment and allowing a person to know the truth, to feel it on his own central nervous system. Through such a meditation, a person becomes balanced and reaches a state of unintended awareness.

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