Мантра в исполнении йога

Pharmaceuticals To Listen Online

Мантра счастья

Mantra: listen online

On this page, you can listen to the cantons online completely free. Here, you'll find protective marts against negative energy, the mourn of happiness, love, joy, spiritual well-being. Use their tapping to improve sleep as a relaxing music, as yoga music or meditation music.

Sound perception is the ability we have from birth to death to use it with maximum benefit to yourself and your own development! Enjoy your audition!


Many have heard of the notion of mantra. What is that? Mantra is a transcendent sound that has spiritual, divine nature. When we begin to mediate this sound or just listen to it, we gradually achieve the state of happiness, tranquillity, harmony and enlightenment that we often lack in life. Why does it work like that? Let's stop this for further details.

Мантра - духовный звукNature of mantra

We communicate with sound, learn with it, it is vital for us. A unique fact: the first feeling we've developed in our mother's womb is the ability to take a sound, and the most recent feeling we're leaving this body is also the ability to take a sound.

Let's start with what we've been surrounded by sound from birth. Some of them are pleasant and rumoured. They can be attributed to natural sounds of nature, such as rain noise, soft waves or birds that are so often used in relaxing. Even the rude sound of the thunderstorm or the rabid river of the waterfall has its meaning and meaning and does not give us negative emotions. And on the contrary, there are sounds that annoy us. And they are often artificially created by human beings, for example, car shrimp, factory noises, trains, all kinds of city noise. These are the sounds that cause us great concern. Either way, both of us act on us, and despite their differences, they all belong to one category, the sound of the material world, because their source is material.

It is important to understand that everything we hear has an impact on us. The power of sound is huge, it can destroy, or maybe create. Some music creates our mood-- we can experience sadness, sadness or joy and other pleasant emotions. But all this still has a material nature, no matter how it works on us.

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