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Sinnikov Meditation

СинельниковLetter of address to Valeria Vladimiric Sinelnikova

Dear friends!

We're lucky! We live at the dawn of two great eras. In 2012, one large era, called different traditions, ended and a new one began. There's a new time count. This transition process I described in detail in my book, " Great transition. End of light or end of darkness. "

What will bring us a new era? What reality are we going to live with, and are we going to live at all?

One of the features of this era is the unification of all the peoples of the Earth. If the peoples on Earth were previously isolated from each other by mountains, seas and oceans, borders are being erased, spaces are quickly and easily overcome. This period is already known as the World Globalization.

It's no use fighting globalization. Unavoidable is the fact. But it's important to us what the Flagom will be under. I don't mean a specific country. All countries will participate in this process in their own way. I'm talking about the world view. We already know that it is the vision of peace that defines our reality. Therefore, our future will evolve based on the model of peace that will prevail in society. And any world view or model of peace is made up of certain thoughts: scientific, philosophical, religious, cultural, ideological. Any such structure is a system of abstract categories by which we not only perceive and assess the world but also make it.

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