Шри Чинмой, медитация

Sri Lankan Meditation

GuruSri Chinma is a spiritual teacher, a poet, a writer, a musician, an artist and athletes who dedicated themselves to serving people who are looking for a deep sense of life. Sri Chinma expressed the widest diversity of heart-to-hearted initiatives. Through meditation, music, poetry, painting, sports, he tried to show ways to gain internal peace and satisfaction. Recognized and beloved everywhere, his philosophy of peace is encouraging and supporting people of different faiths and nationalities, inspiring to work together for the common world.

Sri Chinma was born on 27 August 1931 in a small village of Shakpur (Bangladesh). Orphans at the age of 11, he, together with six brothers and sisters, became a permanent resident of the Ashram in southern India. In deepening and expanding its awareness, Sri Chinma lived in the ashram for 20 years, and in 1964, following his inner name, came to New York to share his domestic wealth with the sincerest distorts of Truth. In the 43 years in the West, Sri Chinma became a model of humanity ' s potential. He travelled all over the world, opening over 250 centres of peace and harmony, to inspire and serve humanity with his inspired underneath, media, literature, music and art. As a spiritual mentor, Sri Chinma proposed the Heart Pue, the fastest way to spiritual progress, believing that love itself is the highest knowledge. An example of Sri Chinma ' s own life clearly showed that spirituality was not a departure from the world but a way to transform the world. Like the giants of the renaissance era, he left an intrinsic legacy in literature, music, art, with his enthusiasm in sports.

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