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Tea Meditation

Источник: Bigstock15 years ago, the meditation was considered to be a scrupulous knowledge, accessible exclusively to Buddhist monks and advanced yoga-guru. But in modern, rabid times of life, stress-relief and re-examination of communication, more people turn to meditation practices to calm their minds and relax their body. Let's try to figure out what kind of meditation is and how much is it available to the Seeker?

In general terms, meditation (meditatio, meditor) is a mental technique designed to achieve a maximum concentration with almost no thought and feelings. Yuli Hemenes

There are many different variations in mediating practices, some of which are not linked to yoga or to eastern philosophy. It's just, as Julia Heménez says, if you're already doing yoga, she'll prepare your body physically and the meditation will be a natural continuation of practice. But in today's circumstances, it doesn't prevent anyone who doesn't know yoga. Juliy states that there are now special pillows and benches, comfortable with which to relax and make short-term meditation at the end and/or beginning of the working day.

For a medium-sized city, the expert advises the most basic relaxation techniques or so-called " guided meditation " , which helps both to start meditation and to put specific tasks to mind so that it does not get lost in practice.

Our instructions will help you learn your own meditation and start meditating correctly.

Mediation rules

1. Sit down with your back.

It's the seat that makes it the most comfortable. You don't have to try to sit in Turkish or take a slogan if these provisions make you uncomfortable. The basic rule is convenience. Put the pillow underneath the hip for maximum comfort. Imagine that you're being pulled up and your spine is one straight line. Don't forget to keep your back straight throughout practice.

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