Тибетская Медитация - Tibetan

Tibetan Medicine

Духовная практика тибетских монахов, искусство расслабления. Практика, медитация. Эзотерика и духовное развитие."With relativation, we open a completely new image of life. When thoughts are quiet, internal harmony grows. There's a feeling of relief and internal confidence. As soon as we know how to contact the energy of the breath, the breathing process becomes an endless source of beating energy."

Tibetan monastery

In dealing with sickness, eastern medicine saintly adheres to one of the basic provisions of ancient medicine, starting any treatment from the nervous system, re-establishing Yin Yang's balance. There are three major bioenergy circulating in a man: an inherited (genetic) from a father or mother who feeds, that is, the energy we get with the food and the protective.

By offspring bioenergy, Western medicine suffers from the defeat of animation, resulting in the suffering of patients who trusted her life. The East Medical Officer is starting treatment with rehabilitating depressed bioenergy, reshaping mentality, creating healthy concepts and good faith, that is, goodwill for people and the environment.

The first condition to restore health is the ability to relax, rest, stay calm.

Oriental wisdom says, "Resolution is life and tension is death." In Tibetan monasteries, pupils first learn the art of relaxation (realaxation) and fall.

Haven't you thought about why children who fall very often have fractures much less than adults? This is not only because the bones of children are less fragile than the bones of an adult. The only explanation is that children are relaxed and adults can't relax. They are constantly in the case, constantly tense, and as a result they are still in the border third state.

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