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Trans-Agency Mediation

В НПУ им. М.Драгоманова новая научная дисциплина – трансцендентальная медитацияA retreat on " Innovative education methods " will be held from 10 to 21 August 2014. Development of the artistic and intellectual capacities of students in the context of transcendental meditation for teachers and students at the M. P. Dragomanova National Teacher Training University.

The event will take place in Kolochava, located in the territory of the National Natural Park, Sinevir (Medgor district of Zakarpata province of Ukraine). Lectures are delivered by a PhD in Philosopheric Sciences, Professor Nikolai Boychuk and a neuropathologist Victor Matishin. Workshop moderator, Sergei Rusak culturalologist. The seminar was organized at the initiative of the Department of Physical Rehabilitation of the Institute of Physical Education and Sports, the Department of Cultures of the Institute of Philosophy and Science of the National Institute of Education, M. P. Dragomanová. The co-sponsor of the seminar is Geneza.

В НПУ им. М.Драгоманова новая научная дисциплина – трансцендентальная медитация" Trancal meditation " (TM) is a psychotechnician based on the teaching of a pseudoindu sect based in the late 1950s Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (1917-2008). Since the 1970s, the sect has developed a pseudonymic image for more effective and commercially successful distribution. This has led to a result: if TMM has previously been expelled from educational establishments and placed on various lists of dangerous destructive cults in western countries, in the new millennium the cult freely (and often with the assistance of public education systems) recruits schoolchildren and students in United States and European educational institutions.

At the same time, in Russia, religions, scientists and medicines regularly point not only to the continuing religious basis of this sect, but also to the devastating and often irreversible impact of transcendental medicines on the mental health of the practising TMs. However, since Ukraine ' s foreign policy today has once again begun to target the West, numerous sects and cults have been reintroduced in the educational system on the eve of the new fateful school year, and in the country ' s religious life the registration of the first Satanist sect has become possible.

Ukraine ' s sectarianism calls on M. P. Dragomanov NHRI students to take a healthy scepticism towards the religious initiatives of the Vus administration and to think about the proper selection of the educational institution.

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