Чем полезна медитация.Видео

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Optimized-nabludenie-prirodaSurveillance is medicine. What you're watching doesn't matter. You can watch trees, you can watch the river, you can watch clouds, you can watch the kids playing around you.

Comment: What OSS says is that surveillance is when there is no talk of mind when there is no comment or evaluation of mind. I don't know if there's surveillance, there's meditation.

It's not about the object. The quality of surveillance, the quality of consciousness and vigilance is the meditation.

Whatever you do with knowledge, there is medicine. It's not about action, it's about the quality you bring into your operation. Walking can be a meditation if you're hysterical when you go. Sitting can be a meditation if you stay vigilant when you sit. The hearing of the speech can be a meditation if you're listening with knowledge. Just listening to the internal noise of your mind, you can be in a state of meditation if you remain vigilant and observant.

The most important thing is, you don't have to go to sleep. Then whatever you do is meditation.

Comment: Doing with knowledge - do without thinking, be in business. Consciousness is a lack of thought, silence of mind. I don't know if you're conscious as soon as you're smart, you're asleep. You're going to sleep as soon as you speak mind.

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