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Vitaly Dies Of Meditation

Моделирование будущего, Виталий Гиберт фотоIt is quite voluminous, but it is really easy to read, thanks to numerous examples (the truth is, these examples are very vague, they have no specificity, as is what and how often people have done to get what they want). I understand that no one will write, sit under the third tree on the right of your grandmother's garden every Tuesday and medit 10 minutes and have a family, a house, a car and a favourite job, at least it's good.

Gibert cites examples from both his life and his life, but most of all, I like touches, they really develop consciousness, sometimes their outcome is far from obvious, and you don't even know about him.

The second part of the book (I imputely divide it into two parts, in fact it consists of six chapters) is on meditation. Why is she as important as doing the right thing, basic thoughts in medicine?Моделирование будущего, Виталий Гиберт фото There's a little more specific here. When I went to some meditation, I tried to turn it on and listen to it (the book I didn't buy, so I downloaded the melody from the Internet), it was complicated, it wasn't always easy to include them, but in general, it's better than just reading about what feelings and emotions should be. I think it's best to feel more than 100 times.

Моделирование будущего, Виталий Гиберт фотоMy feeling is, after three deep breaths, the body is really starting to relax, you're going down in the middle, starting to feel your body, up to the ends of the hair, and it's relaxing. And after the end, you seem to wake up.


The future is clearly not enough to be my desk book, the author's letter line is not close to me, especially her first part, where there's a pool of water, but that's for meditation, and that's what I want to say to him, thank you very much, until the book thought it was a little cloudy and inconceivable. So of course I do.

Моделирование будущего, Виталий Гиберт фото Моделирование будущего, Виталий Гиберт фото
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