Witch 2 Meditation

Loading KM valley night.pngAnd their Kaer Morehan, where the dishwashers are rotten where their affairs are devastated, the stert must be from the vein of the earth, and its trace of salt and selestry fall.

Anonym. “Monstrum or Witchman description”

Cairo Morchen - A citadel located in the Blue Mountains of Kaedven, which has had a witch education school for centuries. The name of the fortress came from the Old Reci, where Caer a'Muirehen Transmitted as Old Sea's. She's a so-called Volkah school, one of six well-known witch schools: Griffona, Wolf, Kota, Zmei, Manticora and Bear.

The path to the fortress lies between the high mountain range. Having found a barely visible calibre, the satellite passes into a tunnel that is growing over time, and when it comes out, it opens the view of a rocky valley surrounded by mountains and a fortress hidden in it.

In the forest near the citadel, there is a singing, barely visible path, called young witches, but not like the Muchilney for all its complexity and danger. Young students were escalated at the speed of running and breath control.

Loading KM gate day.pngBrief story.

About 400 years ago, Kaer Morehan ' s fortress became a retrigerator for the purpose of creating the perfect warriors to fight the frenzy and beasts, both natural and magia. Kaer Morehan was at the heart of the Charode Research mutations based on the use of magic, alchemy, grass, vegetable and animal poisons.

Healthy boys were chosen to create witches, usually vagrants, orphans. People ' s milk attributed to witches the use of the right of surprise (for a service performed, to take away from the debtor what he did not expect to be at home, usually a child). However, although such cases have occurred, it should not be assumed that only a child, ignorance, could be a witch. There is no reason to claim that such a child will necessarily pass the test. A rumor about the abduction of witch children also comes from a misconception.

Presumably in 1185 (on the " History of Peace " , Roderick Noumbera, 950), the fortress was virtually destroyed by an army of fanatics who considered witches to be godless, black and negative. The event was preceded by the appearance of an anonymous Monström or witch-writing a description written in a clearly expressed negative key to unknown chards or chards. As a result of the battle, almost all witches, including those who are tested, as well as those who mutate and possess the secrets of all stages of the mutation process, were killed.

A little more than half a century later, the flow of learners to come here, and in 1240, children were finally stopped at the fortress. Since then, Kaer Morehan has been the host of only a few witches who have been condemned to slow extinction, and in the minds of the Customers, it is a cursed place.


The game runs near Kaer Morehan, where all his memories are lost by a witch named Geralt. Lambert and Eskel find him and bring him to the fortress. After a couple of days, he barely recovered, Salamandra's fortress is being attacked with some mysterious and very powerful magic, and the new story about Geralt from Rivia just starts. ♪ ♪

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