анапанасати, медитация

Anapanasati Technician Meditation


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This will be a unique experience for those who have never done medicine before. But those already familiar with the media will see that the approach to practice in Dipabhāvan offers prospects different from any other place. Since the meditation examines the human mind, which is a vast, deep and multifaceted complex system, you have many beautiful and pleasant and sometimes very difficult moments. You will challenge the depths of your mind. If you continue to practice medicine, you will be able to experience a feeling beyond normal happiness. We hope that you will be able to find a deeper meaning in life and will find a completely new world free from suffering and attachment, in which everything is calm and harmonious, where a man is inseparable from the environment.

Druze Dhamma attack

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There will be a session of the theory and practice of " breathing consciousness " every day. The practice is systematic, therefore, explanations and advice on how to address possible problems and obstacles to medicines will also be regular. The monks accompanying the group will give meditation instructions and tell us about Dhamma.Picture There will be other speakers for the Dhamma Talks to give you food to reflect on the important Buddha exercises.

They don't think they're teachers, but they're trying to be good friends of Dhamma who are willing to help all the participants of the retrite in any way. In the Dhamma talks, they will share their life experiences, lessons they have learned from the practice and study of medicine. We ask you to listen carefully and try to understand the meaning of their speeches. But we don't expect you to accept anything they say. It would be a waste of time to follow or reject the advice of the Dhamma talks. Please listen and carefully consider what you heard. Then experiment, try it on yourself. Retrite is a place where you can test in practice, which is good for you and what's not. Once you've experienced anything on your own experience, you can safely accept or drop it. We ask you to take full responsibility for your training and practice.

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