Биоэнергетика эфирных масел

Bioenergy Of Air Oils

essential_oil_7There is such a bioenergy science as " individuality and unity " of energy systems in nature, and it is used everywhere, even though you may not even suspect it.

Bioenergy has been proven and is no longer scepticism. People's bioenergy, Bioenergy of animalstrees and even planets. And as you've known, it's our life today.

However, it would be much more comfortable for a person to live if he would prepare protection in advance in case of any energy invasion. A person ' s damaged bioenergy, at least one family member, adult or child, deforms the general bipolar of the whole family. That's why it's wise to do prevention.

essential_oil_1General protection against the creation of special energy fields (equivalents, shields) that would pass and detain negative, negative, which could be brought by neighbours, acquaintances, son's friends or daughters. Different geopathogenic areas may also be the source of negative energy.

Special influence on bioenergy and human aura has air oils, a quintessence of plants with four layers of energy: land, water, fire and air, and this " stychemic energy " is transformed into plants and subordinates to the main objective of living. The plants always have a large energy reserve to adapt to the adverse conditions of the external environment (reflect magnetic storms and changes in atmospheric pressure). Flying energy-rich aromats, infiltrated into a human aurus, eliminates its hunger, immune deficiency, contributes to healing, redistribution and harmonization of energy, lighting and sealing of electromagnetic fields. Moreover, air oils have a strong impact on the physical health and motivation of the individual, inspiring their living principle: " Living in this world without hindering others.essential_oil_4 But if others are in a way, resist (not attack) and live!

Aromatas have a positive impact on the active emotions of human beings by making individuals more humane. The ion components of ether oils increase receptivity, openness to space energy. Aromats can help restore aura, taste good and fair, remove complexes and malpractice.

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