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Buddhism Of Technology

From Shamar Rinpoche lecture in Los Angeles on 4 October 2002.

By practising medicine, people benefit at two levels. First, there are improvements in everyday life. The practice of meditation leads to a more peaceful, calm and obscure state of mind. And since mind is relaxed, things that usually disturb us are starting to seem less important, we stop taking them as close as ever. Through meditation, minds are gradually learning to be independent of external conditions and circumstances. A mind that is not affected by external conditions can find its own stability and calm. In turn, with a stable, unintentioned mind, we suffer less in our lives. This is the direct benefit of the regular practice of meditation

The long-term benefit of meditation is that, with the calm of mind, basic negligence is gradually being cleaned. And this ultimately leads to the state of Buddha, where the illusion of ordinary, everyday life is dissolved.

To experience peace and calm, mind must learn to remain silent. This is unusual experience for our mind, which is most commonly in constant excitement, movement, thinking about various things. And the reasons for this should be very deep.

From time to time, human beings have developed a world view based on duality. We have developed a strong sense of " I " , and any external objects are used to consider something separate. Such a misperception necessarily entails a relationship between our “I” and the world around us — the objects with which we interact. All human beings are selfish. ♪ ♪

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