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Eastern Bioenergy Health Theories

Ян Цзюньмин

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Chinese Cigun Massage. Total massage

Cigun Massage is a very ancient and important part of the Chinese medical system.

China ' s cygun massage, like other Chinese medical practices, is an important and effective method of treating and preventing diseases. For thousands of years, he played an important role in Chinese medicine. The massage also necessarily examines the opts of the arts. As the massage regulates and balances the cycling of cy in the body, it is used not only to maintain health and prevent disease, but also to treat many diseases.

In Master Yang ' s book, she is reviewing the basic theory of cygun and the history of massage development in China, presenting theory and equipment of the general massage, as well as the most important techniques of massage. A large number of illustrations and schemes help to quickly develop technology.

The roots of the Chinese cigoon. Good practice secrets

The famous Chinese martial arts and recreational practices detail the history of the ancient arts of the cigoon, its main directions and methods and the three roots of the cy, zin and shank. This is the most fundamental and systematic introduction to the cigoon, which has ever been published in Russian.

The author discusses modern hypotheses about the nature of the cy energy and provides a list of questions that have not yet been found. The reader of any cygon style will find in the book many practical instructions on the regulation of the body, breathing and “three roots”, on the most common errors and ways of correcting them, as well as a detailed explanation of theory of the principal and “pleasant” meridians of cy (with a description of their trajectories and complete lists of all active points).

Basis of the Shaolin style

The bases of the Shaolin style of the White Truck. Fighting power and cigoon.

" The Shaolin style of White Zhurawl " is one of the latest books of Master Jan. In it, the author is summarizing his 30-five-year practice of this martial art and his own research into the cigoon theory. This is the first book, which is translated into Russian, which explains in such detail the most “exoterical” side of Chinese military arts — the theory and practice of the Zin fighting force born as a result of the combination of muscle power — or the life energy of cy.

The White Jurawl, as presented by Jan Junmin, is a holistic bioenergy training system. The system is based on a multi-level classification of the In-Yang methodology. The unique cygun and zingun exercises of the Baihae style are designed for both art specialists and paramedics.

Sini-Tuan: theory and practice
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