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Ghobs Meditation Technology

Техника медитации Стива ДжобсаAn outstanding entrepreneurship in the field of innovative technologies, which has led to a coup d ' état in the world of gadgets, a magician of creativity and a success model for Steve Jobs for decades, has been inspired by meditation. She removed him from stress and fatigue, made his mind clear and helped develop the creativity.

Steve Jobs said that about the effects of meditation:

♪ Stop and just listen to the flow of your thoughts. And you'll understand how intense and disturbing he is. With attempts to make it slower and more discreet, it just gets worse. But if you can still calm your mind, you'll know the most delicate things. Intuition will be more sensitive, you will see the essence of the world, understand yourself in the present, not in the past or in the future. The thoughts will be slow, and the boundaries of consciousness will evolve, and you will understand a lot of things unlimited.

The roots of this kind of meditation are in Daosism and zen Buddhism - Jobs shared her secrets before leaving us; by then, he had been practising medicine for not a decade.

Steve Jobs has always been a few steps ahead of his time, and here he is, too, ahead of his age, because when he saw the meditation, for the Western world, it was unusual and unconscious. Today, neuronauca has already shown a positive influence on human consciousness, and the world ' s largest corporations are recruiting specialists to train medical personnel such as that which Jobs has learned long before.

Jobs practice reminds me of the one that once taught the great guru of war arts, Yang Jin Ming. Its meditation consisted of six consecutive stages.

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