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Mediation And Visualization

And since thoughts are measured by word and speech, they are related to language.

At first, it is very difficult to influence thoughts, but through the word, a repetition can create a certain mouse that will affect our lives.

It's much easier to control than thinking. But thoughts can be controlled through speech. And if we succeed in working with the word, we can control the thinking processes. By changing your mind, you can change your life.

It's a huge power in words. A lot of people don't even know how big it is. With a word, we create things in our lives.

However, we rarely pay attention to what we say and how. We're not thinking about choosing words. We must therefore learn the language of success if we are to succeed. The language we use in our internal dialogue and dialogue with others should be carefully monitored.

It is easy to see that the manner in which to communicate with themselves, the internal dialogue is based on the images of early submissions and experiences. The way we communicate with ourselves is very important, as it is the basis of what we say.

Internal dialogue creates a certain mentality in which we live and which brings to us situations. If we humiliate ourselves, don't love ourselves, then our lives are unhappy. But if we love and value ourselves, it becomes a source of joy.

There is no way to accuse the parents close to their failures, the State. By doing so, you'll be on the spot, you'll stay with the same problems and disappointments. The charges don't bring release. They're just taking your creative energy.

Watch what you say in the internal and external dialogue. If you find words in your lexicon with negative, destructive meaning or words that limit your success and prevent your realization, remove them. Obviously, this speech control technique requires attention and energy. But anyone who wishes to succeed may not pass the stories that have been heard with negative subtexts, do not pass the gosssip, be free from the rugs that, by their terrible force, destroy any achievements.

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