для снижения Вата-доши

Medicine Technicians

WATA is a type of constitution (Practitions) in which air and air elements prevail. Air always stays in motion. He's a lung, fast, and change. Ether is space. He's cold, comprehensive and barely catching. WATA (ether and air connection) is the most frequent and rapidly losing balance from the Dosch (insecure links).

Wat Doshi ' s confessions and characteristics

People with a dominant Wat Doshi show air and air quality. They're moving, communicable, open to the new. It's hard for them to sit in one place, always looking for adventures and impressions. These are novators and pioneers. They are inconsistent and variable, often doubting and changing their minds. Such people have little interest in the material side of life.вата доша люди Like air, they live in clouds, live with ideas, dreams and fantasies.

Such people have a high level of sensitivity, empathy and ability to communicate with the surrounding world. Their sensitivity is so subtle that any gross influences (slash, stiff words) cause them severe pain. But Wat is fast-tracked and unable to dig up a grudge for a long time.

люди вата дошиWat's people have an astentic body, skinny, delicate, swallowed. Usually very tall or low growth. They are characterized by narrow shoulders and hips, moving outstanding joints, long and disproportionate limbs. All the disparity in the body is linked to the Wat Dosha and is due to her mobility and variability.

Wat's people are so inconceivable that they can end up being skinny, no matter what they eat, because their organism spends all their food energy before the body can make stocks.

Vata's dry skin is exposed to dry skin, broken nails, dry and hard hair on the body. When Wata is very disbalanced, cracks on the skin and walls of the internal organs may arise, closures. There's not much lubrication in Wat's joints, so they often snoop.

The Watah cold is that people with such a constitution are constantly frozen and almost unprotected. Their fat shell is so thin that additional heat sources are required to heat their bodies.

вата доша питание питание для вата доши

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