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Change your mind to transform your life.
When a sufficient number of people transform their lives, the world will change.

A meditation for starters on Sundays. Next:

2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd and 30th October, 7:00 to 21:00.

The occupations take place at the centre of " Tulsky Metro " , Moscow.

(Danilovsky Wal entrance)

600 roubles.

Call me:

or by e-mail:

Two ways can be identified: direct and indirect. Directly, the practice of meditation is that we work on mind, and indirectly includes what we do in everyday life.

The purpose of the exercise is to work on itself to develop the quality of " consciousness " and " fertilization " . We will do so by means of two meditation practices, namely, " Understanding breathing " and " Promoting goodness " , and we will consider how to develop them in different ways outside of meditation.

The exercise begins with relaxation practice, " Body consciousness " . Every time we do one of the two practice of meditation. We will consider in detail what is preventing us from mediating and how we can overcome these obstacles. During the class, you will also be able to discuss your practice in the group. All meds for starters and anyone interested in meditation experience. You don't have to bring special clothes with you: anything you need will be offered in the classroom.

Медитация. Буддийский путь покоя и прозрения


Book - Medication: Buddhist path of peace and vision, full guide on the theory and practice of Buddhist medicine, written inextricably and easily. She was familiar with initial methods of meditation, and those readers who already had experience provided detailed advice that would help to deepen the practice.
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Mantres are sacred sounds that are produced or produced in order to awaken the spiritual qualities embodied in the archetic Buddhas and bodhisatts.
I'm sorry. Why is color and mantle sound important? Why are they given such fundamental importance in tantry Buddhism, in tantry spiritual practice? Why do these two concepts matter, color and mantle sound? What's the connection between them?
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