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Mediting Of The Third Eye Of The Third Eye


Disclosure(s) of all chakra (energy centres)

(Jogie practice)

We're starting an exercise on the rising energy flow. Two lower centres are opened first. Cop is a sacred gossip and a sex center. During deep breath, the rear passage shall be dragged into the rear as fast as possible, smoothly and gradually. All the muscles of the back passage shall be inwards. During exhalation, the passage shall be smoothly downwards and relaxed (worktime between 1 and 5 minutes). There's a warming up of lower centers, a sense of warmth.

The third centre, the solar gossip. With the help of the Andrei Cross. Stand straight, feet on the shoulder width, hands raised by palms to the top, parallel to the ground, fingers back. As such, a man is made up of two sexes with a centre in the field of the beep.Энергопрокачка From Cosmos through the left palm of an hourly arrow, begin to squeeze the yellow cord through your hand into the solar chopper on the vertebrae and to the right leg down deep below the ground. From underground to the left stack, twist the yellow cord, pass through the left leg in the sun, then into the right hand and walk up into the infinity.

After that, you're starting to open up a mountain center, and it's covered with a straight cross power supply. Stand straight, socks and stains together, hands on the side, left palm up, right down. Through the left palm, the blue cord shall be punctured to infinity, parallel to the Earth, the cord passes through the mountain center behind the keys on the spine, and the right hand goes into infinity. From underground to the vertebral vertebral vertebrae and further into space, a white cord passes.

It's like they're cloaking the chakra.

After the mining center's open, we're starting to open the heart. To this end, the horny chakra needs to be forced to rotate by clockwise (if viewed from outside) by directing energy down to the heart centre located in the middle of the chest and on the spine. The solar center raises its energy up to the solar centre, spinning against the clockwise. Both flows are combined in the middle of the chest on the spine. The blue bruise and yellow manifests are green, the color of the heart center.

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