К морю, к морю!

Technician Meditation

Медитация в движенииNoah.

Meditative walking is a great way to transform what we do every day, into action with a curative, calming and encouraging effect that will make your life more conscious, bright and interesting.

Mobile health is a dynamic form of meditation. During our walks, we focus on the movements, become more conscious, try to listen to our actions, focusing on which, we free our head from external noises that feel like " here and now " .

The technician of this meditation is to go beyond unconscious movements on the machine. The walk is an active process involving a large number of muscles. We don't even think about it!

During our walk, we focus on the process itself, shifting the focus from the outside world to the internal.

What do you need to practice medicine while walking?

  • Free time. This kind of meditation doesn't take much time - five to ten minutes a day will be enough.
  • Nice place to go. What is one of the main advantages of this kind of meditation is that you choose a place of practice: home, park, stadium, beach, street, to decide!

Medicine technology in motion

Before the meditation begins, draw attention to the position of your body: straighten your back, relax your shoulders and hands. Take a few long deep breaths, feel your body softly relaxed during your breath. Movements are conditionally divided into three phases: raising legs, horizontal movement, touching land. Try to coordinate your breathing steps: inhale, kicking, breathing. Your look should be a little forward, but not down. Movements must be slow and calm. When you're a little accustomed to this kind of action, you're gonna start paying attention to the feeling of bodily harm, the way it breaks out of the floor and then goes back to it. Try to feel every segment of your actions.

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