Презентация техники развития

Technology For Development

Развитие умственных способностейAt a time when the number of information in the world is doubled every 10 years (and by some estimates every four years), the development of intellectual abilities is a decisive advantage for successful professional activities and learning.

To this end, Transcendent Mediation has proven to be a simple but effective way of mobilizing all brain resources, improving the orderlyness of its functioning.

Numerous studies and tests conducted among schoolchildren and students involved in Trans-Central Mediation show that mediators develop the mental skills necessary for effective learning. Studies show that the media outlets are significantly higher than the others in terms of speed and quality of thinking, memory, attention management, efficiency, creativity, psychological resilience, personal growth. They all have a great success in their studies.

Some research findings are presented below. Transcentral meditationcorroborating its beneficial impact on the development of human mental capacities.

Skills development

It was found that students at the International University of Maharishi in Fairfield, Iowa, who were regularly involved in the Trans-Central Mediting, had developed a considerable amount of intellectual abilities since the end of the two-year period compared with students from another university in the same state. This result is confirmed by two other studies on the increase in the mental development index (IQ) of students at the International University of Maharishi.

Развитие умственных способностей Развитие умственных способностей: рост полевой независимости Развитие умственных способностей: улучшение памяти Развитие умственных  способностей
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