9 Классификации медитации

Vacancy Meditation

Спокойствие и равновесиеIf you can't find harmony and find yourself, or something bothers you all the time, try to slow down. What's a meditation? Why do you need it?

What is this?

Medication is a philosophy that makes it possible to clear your mind and to ensure clarity of mind and highest concentration. Someone thought it was the real healing, the purification of the soul. In fact, in translation from Latin, that word means " thinking, thinking, thinking " .

If you've already had time to introduce a wise man sitting at the Lotus post on the top of the mountain, then you'll have to put that image out of your head, because the ways, positions and places of medicine can be completely different. Besides, it's completely accessible to everyone! So try it!


There are two types of meditation:

  1. The meditation on the void.♪ In this case, there is complete purification of reason and exclusion from the outside world. You have to throw away all your thoughts, and then try to concentrate on the void, enjoy it, get into it. It is believed that such a way of thinking about its existence, understanding the meaning of life and testing real ozal. Most importantly, it's getting rid of unnecessary thoughts.
  2. The second type is meditation on something or directed meditation. In this case, on the contrary, we need to focus on one particular thought, put it in. Such an exercise can help if, for example, you can't make a choice or make the right decision.

What's the meditation?

Surprisingly, but it seems a simple exercise that makes it possible to heal and heal not only the mind but the body. The impact was proven in laboratory conditions: tests revealed that brain activity was changing during the meditation, as well as changes in some organism systems.

Делайте это на природе Вам должно быть удобно
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