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Book 9 Of Unlimited Opportunities To Fulfil The Desire For Parapsychology

The author describes the impact of music on the development of ancient civilizations in India, Egypt, Greece and Rome.
Considers how Western European music has influenced culture in Europe, shows the origins of modern music and describes the music of the future.

In their new book, the famous authors of Xenia Mexikov and Angelica Reznik have proposed solutions to many mental and life-related women ' s problems. They simply and easily tell us how to understand their problem, accept it, learn not to keep emotions and be able to afford to live the way they want, not the way the circumstances of the outside world dictate. "Please be happy" is said by the authors, and indeed, it is only necessary to stop squeezing the woman as happiness, love and success will come into your life...

We often don't have enough time to think about what we really want, what goals we have. Mark Allen is suggesting stop and think about it right now. It'll only take a little time and a piece of paper. You'll find out how to paint the perfect picture of your life, learn to set goals and find effective ways to achieve them, it's the first step to your dream.
Mark Allen assures me that success does not require victims. You can achieve complete self-realization, while keeping calm and positive, easy and unnecessarily.
Remember your dreams!


The book tells me how to stop building air locks, putting things on hold and learning how to do what you want. This book will be useful to all who want to change their habits, to start fulfilling their promises and to make a difference in life.

Book removed at the request of the publisher
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The famous parapsychologist, M. Rizzle, is acquainting readers with the history of parapsychological research from deep ancientity to our days, as well as with a variety of theories and methodologies for studying paranormal phenomena (telepathy, psychic, etc.) The author is confident that the future of parapsychology is great, as it allows unlimited human opportunities to be revealed and a new look at the mysterious processes that occur in nature and in human psychology.

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