Сириус | Институт практической

Cyrius Parapsychology Centre

They deny the logic, the laws of physics and the principles of medicine, they seek to solve the most difficult problems and do not guarantee the result. Most of this business is frank fraud and blackmailing superstitious people.

As I interviewed Aze Petrenko's gadal, I was prepared to see some sort of scene from the Night Watch: a shredded kitchen with a hole in the table, dirty banks on the window, old rags on the batteries. But in an apartment on the first floor of a house near Mayakovsky, at Aza's workplace, there's an unusual but still an office. A couch, a television screen stand, a pamphlet with books written by Petrenko himself, which, of course, is dedicated to hydration technology. The walls of red brown colour, the kitchen smells of coffee and Indian benefactors, visitors, mostly women, reduce waiting times, watching Doma-2 heroes on TV. The enterprise flourishes. Aza tells me that when she came to Moscow from Ukraine, she first took customers in her apartment, but in a few months, it took a separate office to work from the morning until the evening.

At first, the customers were acquired through the " sarafan radio " . But everything changed in 2008: the scam hit the TNT Bitch of psychics project and became a final season. This has led to a significant price rise: now any consultation, regardless of the type (good, business counselling, infertility treatment) is worth 25,000 roubles. The psychic or scam would cost about five times less. The clientele changed. "I knew earlier that the person who was recording the appointment was a friend of a former client or his friend. I'm being treated by strangers at all.

Magical databases
Lost your leg? A new one! The announcements of this kind of media can conquer the superstitious: money may be a miracle. " Living voodoo dolls giving full control of human beings: suppression of will, zombing, cemetery rituals " , " Natalia's atomic witch. I'll get my husband back to my family. Safeguards - one year " , " Helping business, getting rid of competitors, fighting colleagues " , " Warwar Mihaylovna ' s National Healer treats HIV prayer, cancer and pulmonary disease " . The proposal is not limited, prices are generally not stated.

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