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Victor Alice. Master Lubić

Viscer therapist, bioenergor, coach.
Member of the Wisceral Therapists Association.
Author and lead programme, LIKE Environment Rejuvenation Facility.

Supplementary education
2002 - International experimental parapsychology centre and the non-conventional medicine of the Lhasa School. Temple Sheol.
2009 - Ural Energy Information Development Academy. One World School course.
2011 - Visceral Chemical Association. Visceral therapy.

Achievements and personal projects
1993 Organizer. A commendable Russian-Ispanian project, jointly with the Sverdlov region Youth Committee and the Culture Office, Ekaterinburgh, Draconov Pastern for Children
1995-1999 Director, director and actor of the Anguilla Family Theatre.
2008 - The author and the inspirational inspiration of the festival of spiritual practice of the Month Island.
2010 - Organizer and inspiration of the " Bogin School " health centre.
2010 - Establishment of the Environmental Plastics Programme
2012 - Publication of a book on its own programme.
Three higher education.

131-1Gureeva Olga Yevgenevna

Expert ECO-Zdrav Kluba, doctor of psychoneurologist, Academy of Manuology, Dr. Nathuropathia, Head, Doctor of the Zdravica Training and Health Centre, Viscer therapist, hyrudo-, Api-, Manual therapist, Cosmetologist-Visage. Olga will focus on the subject as a practitioner who has left official medicine in due course, downloaded a thorough examination of all complementary (alternative) medicine industries in order to help people better manage the most complex diseases that people want to normalize their weight every day, sees the person who has come first, sees it every time, sees it every time.

Gorzienko Vladislav Vitaljevic has completed the military medical academy, has a therapeutic experience for more than 15 years, is now retired and is in the process of developing and promoting orthopaedic and dangerous therapy. His most invention: Orthopaedic discharge pillow

Melnikov Valery Human body instructor. A practical trainer on the Natural Recovery Methodology, based on ancient-Clavian secret military practices, the traditions of old-fashioners and the monitoring of natural law. Every day, he takes care of people, diagnoses them, understands the reasons, makes recommendations for the nutrition and purification of the organism, makes masses and sees the result.

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