Первый Центр парапсихологии и

Experimental Parapsychology And Popular Medicine Centre

Центр экспериментальной парапсихологии и народной медициныTelephone: e-mail: Site:
Country: Russia
City: St. Petersburg
Number of indicators: 21281
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The Experimental Parapsychology and People ' s Medicine Center " Disclosure " is the first centre in Leningrad, which started work in 1991. To date, life itself determines the leading position of the Ghost Centre in St. Petersburg for the following reasons.

The Ghost Centre continues the tradition of the Russian School of Parapsychology. At your class, you'll find out about the continuation of the unique pros. L.L. Vasilieva on energy exposure at distance, telekinesy research. G.N. Dulne and human bipolar after the death of the prof. K.G. Short. For the first time in the world, the Centre conducted research on the reactiveness of the vegetative nervous system during the Kundalini substation. Bio-electricity is measured by the energy potential in the Tummo yoga practice, blood cholesterol has been reduced to the standard.

The Centre ' s strength is determined by its students, who work between Canada and Australia, as well as at Saint Petersburg Medical Centres.

All the teachers at the Centre are professional psychologists, healers, people with unique, clear, vast powers and knowledge that they share with their listeners.

The Centre runs a PhD, an ethno-medical researcher, a yoga with 30-year experience, Sergei Teröskin, one of the organizers of the First Association of Applied Parapsychology, USSR, in November 1989. In May 2002, Sergei Nikolayewicz was elected Honorary Professor of the Vilnius Academy of Parapsychology for a major contribution to the development of parapsychology.

S.N. Teröskin is the author of more than 30 scientific and scientific and public works, including the Cundalini yoga and Temmo - Mental Heat yoga; the perceptions of " Jare " and " Holodom " as the cause of all ethnomedical diseases; the calculation of " health " of the components of ethno-health calendars; In the " Best Esoterical Schools of Russia " series, two books were published by S.N.Tereshkin: " Discovering the Competences " and " Acidity and Health " , which set out the methods of discovery, clearness, energy, power and methods of work with the natural environment: Earth, Voda, Derev, Ogo.

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