Эзотерика. Парапсихология

Human Parapsychology

ПарапсихологияParapsyology is a modern science or occultism industry, depending on who treats it. Its aim is to place on a strictly scientific soil a number of supernatural phenomena, which are traditionally occult, parapsychology is trying to give scientific viability to what has not yet been taken seriously.

To date, one of the most widely known areas of parapsychology has been some scientific or “paranormal” reasoning, which relates to supernatural phenomena of traditional witchcraft.

However, many new witch and witch communities avoid the words " supernatural " and prefer to speak of " super-normal " or " paranormal " phenomena. The laws of magic are regarded as real in the field of modern science, but the impact is made on the pragmatic knowledge and practical use of magic laws rather than on their scientific analysis and assessment. It can be said that in this sense there is some secularization of magic and its adaptation to modern scientific, naturalistic world view, Thus, what was previously described in the literature on occultism as supernatural mental forces is now an example of psychic psychic perception, which can potentially be replicated and studied in a psychological laboratory. "

In the book " Parapsyology and Nature of Life " , John Rental writes:

" In the 1960s, parapsychology held a significant victory in its 90-year struggle for scientific recognition. On 30 December 1969, the Parapsychological Association was officially adopted in the title of a member, a subsidiary to the most prestigious organization of American scientists, the American Association for Scientific Progress (American Association for the Advancement of Science) ... For the first time in its difficult history, parapsychology has been recognized as a full-fledged science. Parapsychologists could now submit their work to the scientific community without fear of being dared and rejected solely because of their subject matter of research. "

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