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Miranda Center For Parapsychology

Банда экстрасенсов за год обманула клиентов на 200 миллионов рублейIn Moscow, the trial of the largest group of aspherists in Russia ' s history has begun. Miranda's parapsychology centre was closed in the fall of 2013. The case was investigated for three years. There are 12 accused on the list. Organizers of " magical " group, " ecstas " , staff of the Wall Centres. And a few hundred people who gave more than 200 million rubles to fraudsters.


The Miranda story began in 2012. 49-year-old (at that time) Irina Muravsky opened the first office of parapsychological consultations. Several familiar women were identified as " abstractens " . The rest were directly recruited on an ad. Old reports of vacancies in Miranda are still available online. They've been looking for staff of the Wall Centre (a fee of 40,000 roubles) and chards. This is an example of the announcement: " Need: Kisser. Work experience: 3 to 5 years. Age: 28 to 78. Payback: 69,000 roubles per month. "

- Muravsky started buying commercial time on cable channels, talking in the investigation. Her staff took calls live. Mostly the setting. The woman complains, oh, I've had a terrible headache for weeks, and the doctors are handcuffing. "So you're ruined! - An old friend put it. A redhead like that with a mole on his left cheek... The TV's kind of surprised, I've known for a long time that she's jealous of me. The kisser is asking me to call them back to the center. The Spectacle was played for viewers who started believing that the experimental magic of the Miranda sees any spark, even through many kilometers that separate patients from the studio.

And there was no backup from the clients. Most of the calls were made by older trusted women. The strategy was as simple as possible. Ladies have been told she's been lying to death, and she's got two months to live. And we need to do something now.

♪ The extrasens and their clients have never met, the source of the investigation continues. All sessions of " treatment " and consultations were conducted only by telephone. The man was supposed to send the money to that bank card. Minimum value is 19,000 roubles. But they tried to operate the sums more seriously. Hundreds of thousands. The man kept his tone rings all the time. They offered to buy additional amulets (they were sent by couriers, Avt). There were cases in which people transferred million roubles to fraudsters within a month, two.

In Moscow, the trial of the largest group in Russia ' s history called psychics begins.

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