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Parapsy Training Free Of Charge

By the time of the time, you'll be fine.

Now, at the sea of similar offers, there's no problem finding a variety of courses, any taste.
But there's another problem, a problem of choice. How do you find your school?
The one that will lead you to the only right road, The path of your destiny.

So what distinguishes us from other schools?

School founded in 1992
To date, this is one of Russia ' s oldest organizations teaching parapsychology. Several face-to-face groups are produced each year, many graduates become professionals. Remote office also operates.
The fact that we have been successful in all these years in changing and complex external circumstances suggests that
We have something to learn.

Copyright methodology
Most practices, technicians, teaching methods, copy. Founder, head, head of school teacher and author of methodology, technician and theoretical material - Sofia Svetlova - the master of spiritual practice with great experience.

Systematic approach
We differ from many schools and courses in the fact that pupils have a rigorous system of understanding the patterns of energy and information processes in their education. Everything that's going on around you (single or secret) can be open to you. Its place in the world, its causes and the possibility of changing them are becoming clear. Life stops being a labyrinth where you've lost purpose and meaning.

We're being recommended!
Students and graduates recommend us to their friends and loved ones. But not everyone, because they learn from us, they realize that parapsychology can't do anything without it.

They're coming back.
Graduates can maintain close contact with the school after graduation. We're always ready to answer their concerns. Sometimes ex-prisoners come to us after a few years of recess to continue their studies. Also, any step of the school, if desired, can be repeated (with a large discount).

Everything that goes to school is tested in practice.
All methodologies and technologies are tested on a number of occasions and comprehensively, and their possible results and effects are examined. Strictly observed and reported to students of " safety equipment " , both in parapsychology in general and in each technique separately.

We have great respect.
and with pleasure to train people of any religion (atheists too), nationality, sex, age, experience in esotterics, etc.

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