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Parapsychological Studies In Peterburg

The term " parapsychology " was used for the first time in 1908, and
approved and adopted by Joseph B. Rein in 1930 as a replacement for the term
" Psychological studies " to indicate a significant shift towards
Experimental methodology and academy of research.

The term had been circulated only since 1937, after the United States had left
First issue of the Journal of Parapsychology, Editor-in-Chief
It was a long time. Joseph Banks Ryan.

Since 1942, the diversity of parapsychological phenomena has started.
To mark the Greek letter of Psi, there are expressions - psychos,
Psi, psychic, etc. The symbol was introduced in 1940 by Taulesom
and Visner to refer to collective events described as
telepathy, vision, ghosts and psychokines. B. Rain, first-time former
The term EES in 1930 also approved the use of the term "PSI " .

Parapsychology (from Greek, para - near, near, psychic sign) (in the view of the psychiatrist) Parapsychology Association () Discipline, which aims to study the existence and causes of mental health
Human and animal abilities, post-death phenomena, using scientific methodology.

Research in other areas of psychology also includes: trans-personal psychology, which examines the transcendental or spiritual aspects of human mind, anomalies that examine unexplained beliefs and subjective anomalies in traditional psychological conditions. The term
" Parapsychology " (para. ’ psychology - originating from Greek, meaning “colon” and psychology) was first introduced by German
A scientist, a philosophical philosophical researcher, Max Dessouar, in 1889.

Max Dessouar is a basic hostage. critical analysis of parapsychological phenomena. Since 1885, he has begun systematic observation of the media, which has enabled him to draw general conclusions on the nature of these phenomena based on the concept of subconscious (Vom Jenseits der Seele: Die Geheimwissenschaften in kritischer Betrachtung, 1917gg)

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