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Parapsychology And Science

Books (2)

Machine and machine guns

Co-author: Ambassador D.A.

The book analyses the process of addressing the challenges posed by the management of large systems.

The results of a pilot intuition study, which provides an opportunity to understand the nature of the principled weaknesses of theory of automates in the modelling of human thinking, are presented by new objective methods. A psychological concept is being developed that allows for the development of new cybernet programming methods, ways of creating devices capable of managing large systems.

One such method is the model management of dynamic situational systems. The practical effectiveness of the introduction of this cybernet method, based on a psychological study of human thinking, is demonstrated.

Euristics - Creative Science

When a man does a creative job, he's looking for a way out of a difficult situation, and his head is going through the most difficult thinking processes. These processes are the subject of a study of euristics.

The study of creative thinking is not only theoretical. On the basis of this, the principles for modelling higher forms of brain work are improved by modern cybernetics.

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