Военная парапсихология

Parapsychology Authors

А.А. СавинParapsychology, mystic, superpower... Is this sphere somehow linked to the military topic? Turns out, maybe a long time ago, because war is full of power, it's a certain mental and physical burden for one purpose to stay alive... And for that purpose, any means are appropriate if they have a real effect. The war test is the highest possible, when all the worn-out, the paphos is flying, and only the stereon, the foundation. If a specialist has passed a war test, in the context of real fighting, it is therefore impossible to find a more meaningful confirmation of his level of training.

What about parapsychology? While there are parapsychologists who have experienced their knowledge, skills in the context of the fighting, to deal with real combat challenges. Of course, their names aren't fake, but... In our country, in the 1990s, military specialists established and tested the development methodology in every person of phenomena, or in other words, parapsychological, psychic abilities. Professionals trained on it have been tested in several hot spots.

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