Parapsychology Lectures

Velikonov Nelly Vladimir

Head of the Academy of Parapsychology and Theosofia of the Chambala, head of ENIOMA-Velikanov Nelli Vladimirovna, Master of Parapsychology, Doctor of Psychology, Professor of Complementary Medicine; Meter Nauki and Practice;

Bioenergoterept, Cosmoenerget, Master Reiki, Exorcist, Tarologist, Runologist, Master Fen-Shui.

Member of RANM, member of the International Professional Medical Association of Complementary and People ' s Medicine, Psychologists and Healers.

Welcanova Nellie's award at the 2012 International Congress of the Cycle Master Hands.

Parapsychology and Theosofia Shambala.

For the outstanding contribution to the development and promotion of popular medicine, literacy and medals are awarded to people:

Winner, competition laureate, Master of 2009, Master of Golden Hands, 2010 Master, 2012 "Professional Life" "The Blue of the World," "St. Georg," "Naturopath," "The loyalty of the profession," "N.E. Pyrogov," "Avicenna," "St. Georg," "Luce for Life" "Master Golden Hands," 2012; "Gottfried Wilhizelm von Leib.

International Congress of 2015, Velikanov Nelly. Parapsychology Centre and Shambala Theosofia.

The erotheric knowledge she has acquired during the memories of her past lives. Forty-nine daily hunger strikes took place in 2001 and in 2002, seven-day dry hunger strikes, without water, accessed carma change and cured complex diseases. In 2004, a dry hunger strike took place on nine days, with access to a change in the time of human death and the expulsion of high-level property.

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