Парапсихология: Телекинез

Parapsychology Of Exercise

In order to develop the psychic abilities that every person has to some extent, it is necessary, first, to give meaning to the feelings, intuitions and symbols that it feels. The ability of a person develops as much as he pays attention. There are also technologies and techniques that contribute to the development of human ancestral abilities.

How to develop psychic abilities. Exercises

15-20 minutes per day to devote meditation or relaxation;

Practice foresee Zener maps;

Watching and treating developments in our lives as signals, looking for their internal meaning;

Maintain a dream journal and analyse them, trying to compare dreams and predictions;

To develop intuition, focusing on internal knowledge;

maintain a state of perception and observation rather than sound thinking and logical analysis.

How to develop psychic abilities. Zener's maps

In 1930, an American parapsychologist Carl Zener created a map system that wears his name. It consists of 5 teams of 5 maps, each with one drawing.

? You can create the Zener map well yourself: cut 25 net maps of the same size and paint one of the five marks on each of them. The complete box of maps consists of 5 maps of each sign.

? We need to practice telepathy with couples. Two people get in the face. One holds cards in his hand, takes them out on one, looks at it, puts them on the table face down, trying to make a picture of the map to his partner. Another man is trying to give up this map.

? You need to change your roles. Thus, both will be able to practice both communication and telepathic signals, which are very important for predictive practices.

In order to understand a picture that might appear before a thoughtful sight, the guesser should try not to think about anything.

The guesser should not use the logic or mind - he should only take a vision or thought of a map.

? Most of these exercises are " passing " images. The words are mostly telepathically not transmitted. Although there are exceptions. (Note.

? The guesser should be relaxed and deliberately open. No assumptions should be made about the map. ♪ ♪

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