Parapsychology Of Self-Development

What are we not doing?

  • Don't talk to us about black magic. We don't do the tricks, we're gonna screw up, and we're not doing anything stupid.
  • We don't have alcoholic sessions and contacts with aliens.
  • We don't propagate any religion or divide people into their own and their skin.
  • We do not impose our views and do not believe that we are true at last resort.
  • We don't promise to treat and make everyone happy. We only work with those who are willing to change things in their lives.


Natalia Butenko. Parapsychologist, Runologist, Coach, Reincarnist, transformative coach

At the age of 17, she realized that the world wasn't what school and society represented me. The RAM Bioenerretic Centre, the International Research and Training Centre Delta-Inform, the E.V. Zolotov International Academy of Frontal Problems, this is the primary education I was happy to receive (e.g. international certificates of expert-operator of complex systems). Basic higher education. I went to study psychology, Coaching. Well, there's a variety of seminars and trainings in a small number. I keep learning. And all knowledge is very logical and strongly linked to the common system.
My favourite job is to teach people what they can control their body, their mind, many events (not all). I show people their resources. I'm learning to use them. I am learning positive thinking and simple technologies that are easily applicable in modern conditions.
I do bioenergy diagnostics, biopole correction. The method is selected for each client individually.
I also have psychological counselling and training in my arsenal. Programmatics for diagnostics and psychological corrections (highly demonstrated to children and adults). Art therapy, telepathy, aromatherapy, colour therapy and other modern methods of psychological recovery.
As a parapsychologist, I like working with a pendulum, candles, music, sound, colored backgrounds, stones, energy-structured coordinators and generators. Using static and dynamic meditationXaya Aliyev's Cluc method, reincarnation equipment, astropsychology. Hands help to diagnose and adjust the situation. Runic... ♪

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