Московский учебный центр

Parapsychology Training In Moscow

Академия Парапсихологии и ТеософииE-mail: City: Moscow
Country: Russia
Telephones: Street, House: Ul. Krasnobogatyr D. 72 offices 18
Checks: 6328


Head and Officer-in-Charge of the Parapsiology Academy and Theosofia Shambala

Master of Parapsychology, Doctor of Psychology, Professor of Complementary Medicine, Metre Nauki and Practice.

Bioenergoterept, Cosmoenerget, Master Reiki, Exorcist, Tarologist, Runologist, Master Fen-Shui.

Member of RANM, member of the International Professional Medical Association of Complementary and People ' s Medicine, Psychologists and Healers.

For the outstanding contribution to the development and promotion of popular medicine, literacy and medals are awarded to people:

Winner, Laureate "Star Master," 2009, "Mr. Gold Hands," 2010 "Best Healer, "Professional Life," 2012: "Ekaterin Velica," 2 degrees, "Petre Great, "Giprot," "Alexand." "The Blue of the World," "St. Georg," "Naturopath," "The loyalty of the profession," "N.E. Pyrogov," "Avicenna," "St. Georg," "Luce for Life" "Master Golden Hands," 2012; "Gottfried Wilhizelm von Leib.

He writes books (reading stories about super interesting mysterious, magical cases in her life). For the first time, the truth about Magic and Magic!

On a personal reception of the Velikanov Nelly Vladimirna

Help you:

  • See the situation on Taro's maps, Runach, coffee shop.
  • Healing through uncontacted bioenergy and Reiki, re-establishing your aura, chakra. Learn to heal.
  • Get psychological help. Remove stress, fear, dependency, fatigue syndrome
  • Remove any negative program. Change your negative ancestral karma to positive.
  • To solve your family problems. Make peace in the family. Help your kids.
  • Formulate what you want in your life.
  • Loading talismans, amulets, cherishing love, luck, happiness, money, health
  • Set a strong defense on you, close, firm, business, against negative programs.
  • Open a canal for money, love, luck, famous. Use Business magic.
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