Парапсихологический центр

Vinogrado Parapsychology Centre

Сергей Агапкин


Head of the Legal and Psychological Assistance Centre in Extreme Situations.


At the Chernobyl nuclear power station. According to the Government ' s decision, he was a scientific leader in the psychological and psychological protection of troops and populations under military conditions. Under this topic, there has been a regular review of the experience of human psychic abilities. The expert was invited to the " Extraxens Bitch " .

Scientific work

The author of more than 150 scientific works (including monographs and inventions), some of which have been published in the United States, Japan, Hungary, the other part is still under the category " secret " . No publications indexed by Google Scholar.

Candidate dissertation - " The security of individuals under extreme conditions " .

Doctoral - Psychological Deformation

police officers and related emergencies. "


Боб КанMikhail Vinogradov is also a well-known parapsychological researcher. Mikhail Vinogradov studied the possibility of an individual prediction at the psychiatry of the First Medentite. As part of the CC ' s Lecture Team, the comesomal addressed the Polytechnic Museum with public lectures and mass hypnosis sessions. Prepared a number of psychics and, in particular, Rose Culešov to demonstrate to scientists. Scientists should have determined who she is: a charlatan, a fraud or indeed possesses the abilities, eyes, fingers to read a book, different colors, a drawing. Then, as a young hypnologist, M. Vinogradov worked on a pilot site, in a laboratory, encouraging

human beings through lead glazing, metal grid or concrete wall to certain actions by force. He was then led by a research centre, which created a special study of paranormal phenomena.

Headed the working group of Emergency Medical Assistance in Disaster and Mass Disasters. The search team successfully worked in 1990 in Iran, Speitaca and Chernobyl. M. Vinograds have repeatedly stated that they have paranormal abilities.


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Best days

Dr. Agapkin's healthy scepticism
Internet Pioneer
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