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Bioenergy Business

Rosbioconsalting offers business plans and feasibility studies from leading industry economists

Would you like to open the production of wood fuel granules or bricks? You don't know. to begin? You've got mountains of wood waste, and you don't know how to get rid of it and make money on it? Would you like to increase your company ' s profits and find a dynamic niche in forest and wood processing?
Experts from Rosbioconsalting are responsible for these matters. The many years of experience of our economists specializing in biofuels and wood products have been recognized by industry leaders. We join the expert and scientific advisory committees of the Bioenergy Technology Platform, working with Rosengergo, relevant committees and agencies, as well as financial institutions in Russia and abroad.

What are we suggesting?

Business planning. Business plans, feasibility studies, business evaluation.

We propose the establishment of professional Business Plans in the field of bioenergy, forestry and wood processing, any level of complexity and any depth of development. Based on the Business Plans, it is proposed that funding be provided for the project in the relevant entities.
The developers ' team has extensive experience from business planning and funding until the project is fully implemented. The total funding received for the Business Plans has now been 5,7 billion roubles.
Business plans are under your conditions, taking into account the rich experience of the developers. A professional approach to Business Planning will enable you to avoid many critical mistakes that companies face in bioenergy and forestry projects.

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