цигун, биоэнергетика

Bioenergy Cigoon

A staggering path to self-development, through the cigoon. It's a feature of our club. In every exercise, we learn nothing to do, but how to do it. Not copying the movements, but understanding them. Our Cigoon is not just a breathing gymnastics, our Cigoon is a bioenergy.

Traditionally, Chinese cigoon is portrayed as soft slow and smooth motions that are consistent with breathing and sometimes add imaginary visual images. It is very useful to maintain health and requires constant regular work.
We've got work to do with cy energy. We're starting to develop attention, sensitivity and sensory. Feeling cy with your hands, feeling cy in the body, keeping cy inside the body. All of this increases the impact of simple exercises by cigoons and enables them to become more conscious. In the end, consciousness is evolving, through the development of attention, both at concentration and at distribution. Over time, human beings become more conscious and self-sustaining. Only then is the self-development offered to us at the other sessions and seminars.

At our club, you'll be offered cyguns at different levels of complexity. At first, you're doing a rehab to your system. Learn to maintain good health on your own. Flexible and gradual re-engineering of your engine machine - ligaments, drying and joints. You're starting to purify your organism from slags and toxins. Fill yourself with a new clean active energy. Be vibrant and resilient. And further, more sophisticated technologies to change both external and internal, where cigoon is seen as a system of consistent self-development. Read the article "What is cygun and why cygun?"

♪ First, we have to go to the initial level or the cigoon for starters.

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