Практика биоэнергетики

Bioenergy Practices

БиоэнергетикаThe existence of a man ' s energy field or aura today is beyond doubt and requires no special evidence. Determine the terms of bioenergy:

Energy - is a substance, a substance or a substance that is capable of a fundamental change, which gives rise to the possibility of using a new quality plant.

Energy - the power of this energy carrier by means of certain ways to spend by doing work or action. It's a hidden principle of action that is not a matter of its own, but it's a reason.
Work that arises in the course of expenditure (previously reprocessing, modification) of this matter. Energy cannot be seen directly, sensed, felt or recorded by machines (this is indirectly by altering the properties of the active components of the measuring instrument responding to energy).

Auru is photographing, measuring instruments and writing many literature on the colours and shape of the aura. But what is bioenergy?

Bioenergy is science, discipline, a set of methods to study, change and, if necessary, treat human bioenergy. Bioenergy is also called human ability to accumulate, share and take biological energy.

Bioenergotherapy is exposure to the human field energy structure.

Energy fills our world and proclaims all space and time, serving as the matrix of the universe, reflecting in the material world the manifestations of disease, magic, changes in Space, etc.

Bioenergy is only a part of the world ' s ocean, the drop and the penchea, depending on human development and energy.

Auru (biopole) of a person of not more than 20 to 30 cm may often be seen, while the energy-developed man reaches 3 to 4 metres, not to mention the practiced powermasters whose aura reaches 6 to 8 m.

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