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вылечить ракCancer. When it's diagnosed, a man doesn't know how not to lose control.


I once had a conversation with one of my patients.

♪ I have cancer.

♪ So?

♪ Can you cure cancer?

♪ Of course!

♪ I can't believe it.

♪ Do you want me to cure you from cancer or do you only want to know if you can cure cancer? If there's a serious problem in your life.

or illness, we need to find strength to solve this problem and cure the disease.

Cancer - Not a death sentence!

The fear of cancer is one of the worst nightmares of human existence, because many people are convinced that cancer is an incurable disease.

For the first time, cancer is mentioned in an ancient hypothetical papirus from 1,600 to n.e. The paper describes some forms of breast cancer and states that cancer cannot be treated. Unfortunately, in more than three thousand years, the situation has changed little.
However, diagnosis - cancer is not always a death sentence. Over the past decade, cancer has become difficult, but curable. There are people who won cancer. Moreover, the life expectancy of people who have won cancer does not fall short of the life expectancy of the rest of the population. That's why I want to tell you.

Victory. fear and doubt!

It is particularly important that serious changes occur in the minds of people who have cancer. They now understand that there is no need to treat cancer as " incurable diseases " , that any disease can be cured.

And now I want to tell you about those people who have been affected by cancer who have found their strength to change their lives without leaving rooms of doubt, fear, bad thought and sickness. I want to tell everyone that we can overcome the insurmountable.

The main challenge is to remove all doubts. In case of severe illness, doubts about the success of healing mean death.

There are many methods that contribute to healing the sick: the treatment of the Supreme Forces, good mood, traditional and non-traditional treatment. A man must make the right choice, find his doctor or his healer. No...

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