Энергетические вампиры по дате

How To Know Your Bioenergy On Your Birthday

Вы случайно не вампир?In one of the past articles, we have already addressed the topic of energy vampireism, in particular, the details of who could become an energy vampire, their types and means of protecting against this method of energy selection:

In today's article:

  • How to calculate an energy vampire by birth.
  • Energy vampire test
  • What if you're an energy vampire?

In order to know whether a person is a member of the type of energy vampers, a numbering should be called for. Turns out, since we were born, each of us has a level of energy. Someone's got him up, someone's down.

People with high energy from birth and strength will never take life forces from others. Unless, during illness or depression.

Artur-1Those who have low levels of energy will try to compensate for their losses. And often, unaware of themselves, they are on the path of " illegal " selection of foreign energy.

You can find an energy vampire. Date of birth

Energy vampires Test

To do this simple test, you'll need a piece of paper, a pen and a date of birth.

So, write on the leaf the date of birth as numbers: date, month, year of birth.



So we get the Basic Number-- 33

Continue to summarize the numbers further:

3+3=6 (if the sum is greater than 11, another decomposition is made)

That's what we get.

The results are transferred to the table:

Elena, date of birth

The main indicator is the level of energy from birth.

If it's less than five, it means that human energy is weak and he's inclined to energy.

If the main number is 5, 6, or 7, energy is normal and the chances of becoming an energy thief are minimal.

Figures 8 and 9 of this number indicate an increase from birth. Such people are energy donors who share their energy voluntarily.

Figures 10 and 11 are special.

The tenant has the capacity of the White Mag and has the power of magical sources of clean and light energy.

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