Новая Жизнь

New Life Of Spiritual Practice And Medicine

A man in Earth density can change the course of his life flow.

My sincere greetings to you, dear landers. I'm back in touch with you, Abundance. Today, I will continue my topic of assistance to those who need it, those who believe in me and, first, in themselves. Last time, I told you about possible inconsistencies in your perception and understanding, about the interaction of your potential level with the energy-relevant layer in the Mirozdan area, where the Earth-Gaia Spatial Corridor carries a stronger, enlarged nature of the dailys in it. In other words, it may be noted that:

There are people with strong will and commitment, they always seek their results, including their friendship with monetary energy, and they're plunging into her stream.

There's another category of people who lost their faith. By diminishing their potential, whatever they do, everything goes down, and it's not about the cash flow. And all the domestic resources are getting worse, and life is no good anymore.

But there's another category of people, who, when they're in the dark, have suffered from poverty and money, they try not to fall in spirit. They are drawn to the light and firmly believe in their success. It is for them that my message will be, where I will indicate how to approach the border, which will lead to a new level of thought and will allow, if the essence is desired, to enter and blend in the flow of monetary energy.

It should be noted that a person is allowed to change the course of his life. It's in the hands of a man, it's all set in his life program, and it depends exclusively on his mouse. For example: The rich may become poor by changing their world view or derogating from the canons or the rules of the peace-building current. Similarly, the poor can become rich in one hour, although the process has lasted for years, and the faith of the human being, through the obstacles that have been encountered, has been anchored.

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