Что дает духовная практика

New Spiritual Practice Of Meditation

That's how it turns out, I can be boldly listed among those who, at the beginning of self-development, have been staggering for a long time, making vain attempts to enter the Spirit World with consciousness. I mean, in order to be as clear as possible, and I hope that the permanent readers of this resource have already learned how to deal with the real pear, and where the pear from the papier-mashe, I've broken (the definition in modern Russian), it's that that it broke into the Duche World by breaking the absolute majority of believers on the planet, brain, or Devil. Yeah, go to God with the Devil! It's probably the worst paradox that our civilization has ever imposed, losing its knowledge and putting in a swamp of dead minds and distortions.

We continue to gather evidence of the existence of the four essences of the human being in its invisible energy information and information infrastructure. It is time to consider them from a purely practical point of view, so we'll give a description of the "Chatter" meditation from the Allatra book, as the next paragraph says, it is the first step to knowing them, only by adding that everyone who checks that on their own experience can do or meet.

CLUSTIC Meditation, description from Allatra.

This meditation is the first step towards knowing its essence. In refining it, a man learns not only to regulate his emotional state, but also to understand the true cause of their occurrence. As a rule, in everyday life, a man does not notice or trace why he suddenly has a wave of different variables such as weather, moods and emotions.

Практики и медитацииThe website contains interesting publications in which people share their practical experience in learning. spiritual practice The Lotos Flower, as set out in the books of Anastasia News, sincerely transmits the personal history of its arrival and its stages of development. Describe the changes that have resulted in its implementation, both within them, in their lives and in their worlds. These detailed publications also gave me thoughts on the subject. How did the Light Lotus practice come into my life and how did it change?

I let consciousness think about this issue and provide the necessary files from the past. And as a pleasant surprise, from these " files of the past " , which have been taken here and now, through the assumption of past experience and internal filling at this moment, the Lord ' s will has been given the much-neededed understandings and feelings that give the individual a new degree of freedom and survival.

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Oh, good old friend of mankind, Holy Spirit, thank you for the Light and Mudrest, for the Poute and Consolation, and for the dreading world from the invisible arrogance of your eternal love for him!

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