Семинар Основы биоэнергетики

Nicolas Bioenergy

Extrasens: KIMO's student is being held abroad, she's about to come to the Spring of the incident and the forensics of Gadalki and astrologists say that Irene Lazarenko was stolen from his father's business, but she'll be back.

Irina Ponarovsky. I guessed on Taro's cards that a student abducted and killed a former lover.

For more than two months, Irina Lazarenko, a student who was abducted in May, was unknown. In the police, they categorically refuse to talk about this case, so we decided to retrieve the help of non-conventional readers, psychologists and astrologists. In particular, their services are often used by law-enforcement agencies themselves. Last week, we published the psychic opinion of Irina Ponarovsky from the Zaporoz region, which, according to our information, the father of a kidnapped girl, Sergei Lazarenko. Then Irina told Taro that the student was dead. Molly, she was kidnapped by a former lover because she was jealous of another guy. And she helped this man with a woman in love with him. We decided to re-examine this information from the other predictors, and we struck them all, without knowing what colleagues said, that the girl was alive, kept in one of the southern countries, and she would return to her family. Maybe this information will help the police find Ira.

Ira. Looking for over two months.

CHEERING. We decided to turn first to representatives of the people who are glossed with magical abilities, the Roma. To that end, they went to Vasilkov district of Kiev province to Grandma Gale. This old dark-eyed woman in the people enjoys good glory. But we weren't happy.

♪ Why are you doing this? - Even the cops are afraid to hang out. They came to me right after Irina was abducted, complained. Are you tired of living? You don't know what, there's a billion-dollar paper in this case. A lot of people resenting the girl's father. They don't need a ransom. They want him to cancel the decision he made while he's behind the FGI. It's about some real estate. But he can't do it anymore.

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