Как работают практики?

Offspring Practices

Ошо Раджниш. Статьи и материалы Ошо по духовному развитию. Эзотерический порталPractice and meditation, exercises - specific practical exercises and technologies in various spiritual traditions and directions. It is the practice that enables the learner to gain new experience and move forward towards spiritual development. This section gathers medicine, exercise and spiritual practice. ♪

Dynamic meditation is Osho's main technician, and a technique based on many other meditations. This technique can be done individually or in a group. If group media is possible, the energy will be particularly powerful and the results are especially strong. Eu... ♪

Crazy breathing can help you understand and feel each of the seven chakra. This is an active technician and consists of deep, rapid breathing and movement of the body under special music to reveal and revive the chakra. This meditation gives you the opportunity to make your day-to-day life free.

Start with such a meditation. Sit face-to-face at night and hold hands, cross-section. Ten minutes, look each other in the eye. ♪

Mixtures put some of the energy from your internal source on the surface. Energy starts to leak, it follows a laugh like a shadow. When you're laughing real, you've been in deep media for a few seconds.

Mandala is one of the most successful meditation equipment in the Osho collection. The impact of this technology is so beneficial that, by its reasonable effectiveness, it can be countered by the main strategic brand of Osho, the dynamic meditation.

Sri Bhagawan Rajinish has proposed the most accessible means of energy medicine, and the author has made some changes.

Choose the way you're directly attracted, and follow him within ten days, practice him at your place.

Dynamic medicine lasts one hour and goes to five stages. You can do it alone, but the energy will be stronger if it's made in a band. It's individual experience, so you don't have to pay attention to the surroundings and keep your eyes closed, preferably blindfolded. ♪ ♪

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