Биоэнергетика мышечной

Soap Energy

Атлетическая гимнастика без снарядовChapter 2

Music fissiology

No act of life is carried out without a muscle reduction, be it the reduction of the heart muscle, the walls of blood vessels or the movement of an eye apple. Mouses are a reliable biomodel. Their work is not only a simple reflex, but also a combination of hundreds of complex coordinated spatial movements,

A man has more than 600 muscles that can be called a universal thin instrument. Through them, human beings have practically unrestricted influence on the surrounding world and are engaged in diverse activities. For example, we wouldn't learn to write if we hadn't developed hands and fingers, we couldn't master a variety of objects. The fingers of a musician virtois do wonders. A man can put a 265 kg brace on his hands straight. The acrobats and the gymnasiums in the same jump make a triple salto. No less surprising is the ability of muscles to work long-term hard-walling, the marathon distance (42 km 195 m) now even women run faster than 2.30 p.m.

In the form of feedback, the muscle influences the tonus and the level of activity of the central nervous system, which has improved for hundreds of thousands of years with the evolving complexity of behavioural reactions.

The muscle system is huge. One of its main features is that its work can be managed arbitrarily, that is, by force of will. And through the muscles, we can ultimately influence the energy supply processes. In fact, physical work is carried out by domestic energy resources, which are sourced by carbs, proteins to food fats.

Energy in consumed products moves from a biochemical response cycle to domestic bioenergy, and then flows, for example, to a muscle system, mental activity and heat generation. Chemical reactions that support the life of cells of our organism through constant inertia are not stopped for a moment.

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