Лучшие духовные практики

Spiritual Practices

Чем вам грозят духовные практикиThis is the first article in a series of materials on the dangers and rewards of spiritual practice.

Spirit practice isn't an end.

Spiritual practices come after a series of painful lessons when internal disruption and the need to change their lives dramatically, once and for all.

Or as a legal stage of personal development when you seek a response to the question of the meaning of life and your purpose.

But few people have information about the effects of spiritual development and what it will eventually lead to.

Духовные практики последствия: Изменение ритмов сна и бодрствованияToday, we will focus on two dimensions -- physiological and energy changes in life due to spiritual practices.

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At the end of the article, you can "Spiritual practices♪ Hazards and emoluments” with the text of the article and its continuation.

Духовные практики последствия: Перестройка нервной системыModification of dream rhythms and shrinking

The more time you devote to your spiritual development, the more important it is for you to acquire the periods and the quality of your rest.

During the rest, you not only re-establish your powers, but also synchronize with the new skills and abilities that you're exposed to (this will be more detailed in part two of this series of materials).

You're going to go to a new sleep system that Steve Roter called "triade sleep," you sleep three hours, then you wake up, an hour two can be awake and you're sleeping again.

But you don't feel tired or unsuccessful.

Духовные практики последствия: Повышение суточного потребления чистой водыIt's remarkable that you're in this period of night awakening. of the extended consciousness, On the so-called alpha frequencies, which are inherent in mediating and deep relaxation.

Which means that your right and left hemisphere are working synchronically, opening you up with new insights and creating a field of expanded creation when all your ideas are more materially embodyed.

nervous system restructuring

One of the most frequent symptoms that practitioners face.

Energy perception, voluminous concentration on cupcas, internal world, subconscious images She's starting a nervous system. and changes the usual brain frequency.

At the same time, new neural ties are being developed and brain drained. This puts additional pressure on the organism.

This is reflected in some strange symptoms, such as unexpected tactile perceptions, “heating” or “hungry” in certain parts of the body, muscles and lungs.

Sometimes you'll have a change in perception of the weight or volume of the body, sometimes the coordinates of orientation in the space, a strange tension or a relaxation of the muscles.

Духовные практики последствия: Отказ от Духовные практики последствия: Непереносимость красителей, пищевых добавок и консервантов Духовные практики последствия: Повышение чувствительности и сензитивности Духовные практики последствия: Наиболее частые проявления прилива энергии
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