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Spiritual Practices And Meditation

музыка для медитацияAtma Vicara ' s meditation is to maintain a constant sensitivity to the inner sense of “I” (aham-witti).
" This is the outcome and essence of everything that the truth seeks to know. The categorical requirement for it is to search for Sri Ramana Maharishi ' s source of jealousy and one-way search. The practice of self-study.

There are eight processes to be monitored in meditation

Medicine technology - methods spiritual practice In most different areas of yoga and Buddhism, the main means of achieving the goal of practice or Plaude are recognized.

The sincere and deep prayer, which is the main method of worship in spiritual traditions such as Christianity or Islam, can be, to a certain extent, similar to the Meditation. It is clear that this is not a question of prayer, as a request in human affairs to God, but of prayer as a request to live in God and to fulfil only his will.

By comparison, the practice of yoga in order to gain any super-capacity, or the desire, through such practices, to be more successful in world life is not, in fact, a yoga practice but a magic.

The yoga practice or the ultimate goal of prayer is unity with God. And in yoga and other world religions, it is recognized that this unity with God cannot be achieved by one human effort.

In the median state of consciousness, thinking has been stopped, I (ego) and time have disappeared, but there is a state of full consciousness, a sense of presence, merging (dissolving) of myself with the surrounding space.

Sometimes they say that prayer reinforces proximity to God, and The meditation reinforces unity with the Almighty.

Praying, we feel that God is somewhere above us, above our head or in the blue sky. Sometimes we feel that he should come to us, wherever he is, to give what we ask.
When we use the Meditation methods, we feel he's right in front of us or inside us, inside our body, our heart and soul. He's watching us. We feel that God gives us everything we need.

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